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По умолчанию Advantages of choosing custom screw

What should you consider when selecting screws for your next project? The question is that technicians who assemble various products ask themselves when trying to find an ideal kind of custom screw for their work. Screw fasteners are distributed to different industries from automotive, construction, transportation to medical, mining, and furniture industries, custom screw options continue to revolutionize the fastening market.


The availability of a variety of custom screw options offers an endless list of possibilities for product designs. You can now order your fasteners with the preferred shape, head-size, length, and even threading size. Understanding these primary features allows development engineers to come up with better quality products for their companies.

Mechanical Advantages

The right customized fastener offers benefits on tailored installation torque required. Torque refers to the forces that move the screw and rotates it. Customizable fastener options allow the product developers to use the right amount of torque during the product fastening. This way, you can avoid breaks and loosening of other parts during assembly. Custom SEMS screws come with built-in washers to secure the screw in place, increasing product safety.

Resistance to Rust

Fasteners are subject to corrosion and loosening through wear and tear. Proper finish coatings of custom screws help to keep the screws resistant to corrosion. The advantage of custom screw options is that you choose the proper coating for your product. Chrome and zinc coatings are standard in the micro screw industry. The layers offer ideal polished finishes that have improved resistance to wear in, especially in tough environments.


Custom screw options come in different shapes and sizes, and in most cases, this determines their strength. A fastener is only useful if it can hold the screwed products firmly without bending or breaking. Customizable options provide an opportunity for you as a manufacturer to select the right threading and thickness of the screws. You can also select the correct thread depth for maximum robustness and minimized radial stress.

Safety Standards

The right machine screw assures improved security and performance for your products. Since 1927, the American National Standards Institute has provided manufacturing grades for all fasteners. The set quality ensures that the quality of the custom screws is not compromised, which in turn guarantees better product quality.

Right Materials

The use of custom screw options provides an opportunity to select the best materials depending on your products. Approximately 90% of all custom micro screws are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel
has better tensile strength and is more durable than many other materials. You may also use bronze and brass alloys with increased resistance to corrosion. Aluminum is lightweight and customized for lighter machine parts and devices.
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FrankJScott can only hope to improve
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